Parafrasea y traduce esto al castellano: Twelve South HiRise 3 Deluxe review: A unique space-saver

Parafrasea, extiende, elimina cualquier referencia a imore, traduce al castellano y añade cabeceras donde haga falta. El resultado debe de estar en castellano. A partir de ahora el contenido sobre el que hacer lo solicitado: Charging stands for multiple devices are everywhere these days, and they all do pretty much the same thing, so it’s hard to make one stand out in 2023. But one company that’s having a pretty good go is Twelve South, a household name in premium accessories that carries the ultimate seal of approval, products stocked on Apple’s shelves. With that in mind, how does their HiRise 3 Deluxe stand stack up? Let’s find out. Twelve South HiRise 3 Deluxe: Price and availability(Image credit: Future)The Twelve South HiRise 3 Deluxe is available to pre-order in the U.S. and is coming soon to the EU. It’s already available in Australia for A$229, the U.S. price is $149, and the EU price is 169.99€Twelve South is on Amazon, and their regular HiRise 3 is currently available there. however, the Deluxe model hasn’t yet appeared at the online retailer, so Twelve South itself is the place to be. Today’s best Twelve South HiRise 3 Deluxe 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand dealsTwelve South HiRise 3 Deluxe: Specs and features(Image credit: Future)The HiRise 3 Deluxe is a 3-in-1 charging stand that does exactly what it says on the tin. It features official MagSafe support for 15W wireless charging for any compatible iPhone, an Apple Watch Fast Charger, and a 7.5W Qi-certified wireless charging pad for a pair of AirPods, or even a second phone. That means you can charge any MagSafe-compatible iPhone, any AirPods with wireless charging, and any Apple Watch, all at the same time if you really want to. Power comes via a 1.5-meter cord and international adapter so you can use it out of the box pretty much anywhere including the UK, US, continental Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. There’s nothing knockout here, but it’s a very solid delivery of power across the lineup, each device will charge at the maximum wireless speed it’s rated for, so there’s no compromise when you charge multiple devices. It’s awesome that it basically comes with a travel adapter, however this connects via a standard barrel power connection rather than USB-C, which I’ve grown accustomed to with the chargers I default to at home. The only other missing feature to speak of is an extra USB-C/A slot for charging nonwireless charging capable devices.Twelve South HiRise 3 Deluxe: Build and Looks(Image credit: Future)Build-wise, the HiRise 3 Deluxe is very impressive. Its base is weighty and held in place with four feet, one in each corner. The design is where the Deluxe stands out in my opinion, and it’s got some key features. The Watch charger can be stowed flat or pivoted to upright. I’m personally not a fan of charging your Apple Watch “vertically” as I find it tends to fall off, but it’s nice to have the choice here. The base is covered in vegan leather which gives it a premium feel, although it does attract quite a bit of dust due to its textured finish. The MagSafe charging surface sits atop a very sturdy arm and can be pivoted up and down with a 35-degree range of motion. The key design aspect of the HiRise 3 Deluxe is its “vertical” charger orientation. It’s space-saving and the charging elements are arranged along the Y rather than the X axis. Whether that’s a good thing or not depends on your space, I’ve found it very handy on desks, less so on a nightstand. Overall however it’s definitely practical and it does indeed save space.Twelve South HiRise 3 Deluxe: Competition(Image credit: Future)When it comes to the best wireless chargers for multiple devices, the competition is heavy. The standout in this price bracket is the Belkin BoostCharge Pro, and the Journey Rapid Trio offers a similar space-saving design for $139. There’s also a myriad of much cheaper chargers, especially on Amazon, and our pick of those is the JoyGEek Wireless charging station. However, the HiRise 3 Deluxe justifies its price tag well and you’re not going to be disappointed if you choose this one.Twelve South HiRise 3 Deluxe: Should you buy it?(Image credit: Future)You should buy it if…You want a stand to charge three Apple devices You have a MagSafe iPhone, wireless AirPods, and an Apple Watch You want a “vertical” charging stand that saves space You shouldn’t buy it if…You don’t own an Apple Watch or a MagSafe iPhone  You want to fast charge your iPhone Twelve South HiRise 3 Deluxe: Verdict(Image credit: Future)The Twelve South HiRise 3 Deluxe is an excellent charger with great features and solid build quality. In a world plagued by 3-in-1 charging stands, its space-saving design and excellent build quality help it stand out, and those who want a stand they can travel the world with need look no further.  Twelve South HiRise 3 Deluxe Verdict: The Twelve South HiRise 3 Deluxe is a nifty little 3-in-1 charger with a unique design that stands out in a saturated market. 

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