Parafrasea y traduce esto al castellano: Should you buy a Pixel 8 on Black Friday?

Parafrasea y traduce esto al castellano: Should you buy a Pixel 8 on Black Friday?

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Google answered many user complaints about previous devices with the Pixel 8. It features a bright, gorgeous display, improved battery life, and a premium design, but it wasn’t a slam dunk buy for everyone. In addition to the hardware improvements, Google raised the price, making the base Pixel 8 hit your wallet for nearly $700 — a decent chunk considering how fiercely competitive the budget flagship market is.

With Black Friday approaching, Google announced its deal for the Pixel 8, lowering the price to $549, but is that enough of a drop to convince you to pick one up?

I can see clearly now

Google Pixel 8 being held up against gray background

Google’s Super Actua display featured on the Pixel 8 can reach 2,000 nits peak brightness, a significant improvement over previous years. Gone are the days when my pupils cried out for more lumens from a Pixel. In addition, the Pixel 8 display is more saturated, with colors popping off the panel when playing games or streaming content.

If you’ve previously held off on a Google device because of substandard display technology, the Pixel 8 may have done enough to change your mind and justify the reduced price tag.

Not your father’s Tensor

Google Pixel 8 in rose face down on a table

Even though I’ve been frustrated by previous Tensor chipsets, Google has improved for the third generation. Previous Tensor-powered devices suffered from poor heat management and subpar battery life, with the Pixel Fold an excellent example. On release, the Pixel Fold overheated during simple tasks, and the battery barely lasted for 5 hours of screen time.

Out of the box, the Pixel 8 performed significantly better, with over 6.5 hours of screen time possible out of the 4,575mAh battery. And while it can still heat up during intense gaming, daily tasks on the Pixel 8 will not be a substitute for gloves this winter season.

When it is time to recharge, the Pixel 8 does it faster than its predecessors. The Pixel 7 crawled along with 23W wired charging, but the Pixel 8 increases that to 27W — a slight increase but still noticeable.

It feels good to be supported

Google Pixel 8 in rose plugged in for charging next to coffee

It wasn’t long ago that Android manufacturers only promised 2–3 years of software support for their devices. Once security and features became selling points, companies shifted that to 4–5 years, allowing users to hang onto their devices longer. Instead of matching the competition, Google decided to leapfrog it, slating the Pixel 8 for seven years of software updates. Google promises it won’t be a weak seven years either, with new features and Android upgrades even in the later years.

Software support is especially enjoyable on Pixels, as the company has frequent feature drops that add cool AI functionality. Users can expect enhancements to call screening and Zoom Enhance will be added to their Pixel 8s later this year.

Should you pick one up?

I understood some criticism for the price increase to the Pixel 8 on launch, but it’s hard to argue the phone’s value at $549. When you look at the landscape of Black Friday sales, the Pixel 8 holds its own despite rather enticing deals offered by Samsung on the S23 FE and Motorola on the Razr+. If you’re a Pixel fan with a wait-and-see attitude to the company’s recent releases, this is an excellent time to jump in.

Google Pixel 8 in Rose, displaying front and back in a white background

Source: Google

Google Pixel 8

$549 $699 Save $150

The Google Pixel 8 is Google’s best phone yet, and it’s the most distinct regular model when compared to the Pro version. It comes with a wonderful form factor that fits well in the hands and has the usual software prowess that you expect from a Pixel.

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